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Actress Joey King Is Ready to Make Some Serious Moves, on Her Skateboard and Off


Sixteen-year-old Joey King has been acting for a decade—so yes, at the age when you were just starting to get into American Girl Dolls, she was making her TV debut. With *nine* new movies in the works—including the upcoming Independence Day sequel—she’s only gaining steam.

Here, inside intel from the force to be reckoned with.

Rookie of the Year: In Smartass [stay tuned for the official release date], my character skateboards. So I took lessons at a skate park in Simi Valley, California, called Skatelab, and I just really loved it.

How’s Tricks: I can do a front shove-it, which is where you rotate the board around underneath your feet. But I dream of grinding on a rail [skateboarding on a handrail].

Flying High: When I’m in the air, I’m either having a panic attack or I have total composure. There’s no in between.

Girl’s Girl: I have a beautiful, marbled skateboard by Girl Skateboards. It was so pretty at first, then I started destroying it, putting duct tape and stickers on it.

Dress Code: Helmet, kneepads, jeans, and an oversize Ripndip T-shirt or tank top.

Free Fallin’: During a break on Independence Day, I skated around with an assistant director and Liam Hemsworth. I did a trick and didn’t land it, so I got up and kept going. The guys were like, “Joey, your knee!” I was bleeding, apparently.

Sk8er Boi: Usually when I go to my skate park, I’m the only girl there. It’s a very intimidating setting. And I’m just like, “I know you think I’m a girl and I can’t do it, but guess what? I can.”


New photoshoot pictures

Hello everyone! I added to the gallery new/old pictures from Deidhra Fahey photoshoot (2015). Enjoy!


Dire – New movie

Hello! It’s official! Dire  is new movie with Joey in which she plays the lead role. Premiere of the film is unknown 🙁

But I added promo shoots pictures were made for that movie!

PRODUCTION_Dier_02.jpg PRODUCTION_Dier_04.jpg PRODUCTION_Dier_05.jpg PRODUCTION_Dier_03.jpg

New Photoshoot

Hey! I found picture from new photoshoot (By Deidhra Fahey).
I hope in future we will see more photos 😉

1~40.jpg 3~27.jpg  

LVL Magazine

Hey! I’ve added to the gallery some pictures from photoshoot for LVL Magazine

1~9.png 6~8.png 4~8.png


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