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Hello. Joey had new photoshoot and interview for Nylon Magazine. I’ll try to add scans to the site soon as I can. If you already have scans and want send it to me, please send me a message 🙂

Age of the Moon (2016) – Official Trailer

Joey and Hunter at Marie Claire ‘Fresh Faces’ Party


Joey King has a lifetime’s worth of acting accolades at 16

Joey King has been winning awards and scoring big roles thanks to her hard work and humility.

Joey King, left, and Jonas Chernick star in Borealis, a little Canadian film about a road trip to Churchill, Manitoba.

To steal an overworked epithet, Joey King is a rising star.
After all, the L.A. actress is hot off the hit TV series Fargo, recently been named one of today’s top teen actors by Variety magazine and won best actress at the Vancouver Film Festival.

For many 16-year-olds, fame would go straight to their heads, but not King.
Obviously, I let myself have these moments,” said King recently from California. “You get excited and proud but it’s never like I deserved that (because) to be honest, there’s another girl who had an amazing performance elsewhere that also deserves it — I just happened to get recognized.
If she sounds uniquely humble, that’s because Joey King is. After all, at 16 she has accomplished more than most actors do in a lifetime.

From working in such thrillers as The Dark Knight Rises and White House Down to lining up an impressive array of hotly-anticipated movies — such as the sequel to 1996’s sci-fi smash Independence Day, King has every excuse to be smug. “I think that my mindset for how I think now comes from growing up around adults,” explained King, pointing out she’s now a 12-year veteran in showbiz.

Growing up around all these people that much wiser, more experienced in life than me — I’ve always just wanted to keep up.
Her humility certainly shines through in King’s upcoming feature as well.

A quirky low-budget Canadian drama called Borealis, King is gaining praise for her refined portrayal of an estranged youth on a road trip to chilly Churchill, Manitoba, with her father (Jonas Chernick) to see the northern lights, before an illness steals her sight.

Not exactly the equivalent to working on a big Hollywood blockbuster. “Being on a set like Borealis (and) Independence Day, the difference is unreal,” laughed King insisting she doesn’t have a preference over either experience.
But a common theme among every film I work on is that everyone who is on the film — the crew members behind the scenes, people on camera — they’re all so passionate about the work they’re doing.” So big or small, it doesn’t matter. I just love working with passionate people.


Jaime King x ColourPop Launch #ALCHEMY

Hello. I added to the gallery candids pictures and from Jaime King x ColourPop Launch #ALCHEMY. Enjoy!



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