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Wakesurfing with Joey King

Joey uploaded a new video on her YouTube account. Check it out ūüôā

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Why Joey King Is One of the Funniest Actresses in Hollywood

Why Joey King Is the Funniest Girl in Hollywood

Joey King is many things to many people. For movies buffs, she’s the skilled prison¬†child¬†in¬†The Dark Knight Rises, Steve Carell’s daughter in Crazy, Stupid, Love, and the¬†free spirit in¬†Zach Braff’s 2014 dramedy¬†Wish I Was¬†Here. For others, she’s the actress who shares a super cool¬†handshake¬†with Hollywood heartthrob Channing Tatum. For¬†us here at Zimbio, she’s a¬†star on the rise.¬†In honor of her¬†new¬†film Stonewall,¬†Roland Emmerich’s drama about¬†the 1969 Stonewall¬†Riots, the¬†good-humored¬†actress revealed everything you ever wanted to know about her.

Actor you wouldn’t mind being for a day:
Jessica Chastain.

Best character you’ve ever played and why:
I’m going to give you two of my favorite characters because of how polar opposite they are: My character Grace in¬†Wish I Was Here because of her sweet simplicity and intelligence, and my character Freddie in one of my most recent films, Smartassbecause of how rebellious and outspoken she is.

Why Joey King Is the Funniest Girl in Hollywood

Caption this photo, please: 
“When someone Channings all over your Tatum?!?!?!”

Why Joey King Is the Funniest Girl in Hollywood

Describe yourself in one sentence:
I like big butts and I cannot lie.

Embarrassing story you’re ready to share with the world:
I once did an entire meet-and-greet with my fly down. #yeahdude

The full interview you can read HERE

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